Mauricio Uranga


  • Mexico



My name is Mauricio Uranga. I have been a swimmer all of my life. My brother Raul and I got scholarships to swim for College Swim Teams in the USA. Upon graduating we decided to give value back to the swimming community. We created a Youtube channel called Skills N’ Talents. Right now it is the biggest swimming Youtube channel in the world. We opened a second channel in Spanish and it is now the biggest swimming channel in that language (Natación SkillsNT). We give swimming advice online and in-person all over the world. Our community and our company have seen rapid growth. We have been implementing the teachings of Oxygen Advantage on our latest videos and in our 6-day swimming camps. The results on both have been extraordinary. Swimming, we believe, is first a breathing exercise and then a physical exercise. The oxygen advantage method applied to swimming has benefited from beginners to world class swimmers. 

 Swimmers are already experimenting with breathing techniques all of the time. But I don’t think most or any of the coaches and swimmers fully understand the science behind breathing and how to benefit from that knowledge. If you are interested in learning more please visit us at the links above.


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