Mauro Serena


  • Spain


I started practicing yoga in the nineties (Sivananda yoga) while studying Oriental History at the University. After a hiatus of some years I returned to yoga, Ashtanga, this time. From that moment I never stopped. Through Ashtanga I discovered the power of breathing. The next step was teaching. I obtained my 200-hours diploma with the Yogacampus in London. When I teach yoga, I like teaching to people of all levels, age and physical conditions. So, in a standard class I teach a moderately dynamic yoga, with great focus on breathing slow and light, free movements and attention to alignment.

I also teach breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and increase physical performance. Here I integrate traditional pranayama with ‘light breathing’ and ‘breath holding’ techniques from OA. I also use some OA’s exercises to support rhythmical breathing during physical activity.

I teach mainly online as my students are from Italy, UK and I live in Andalusia, Spain. Lately I have been focusing on breathing for athletes with the goal of reducing performance anxiety and improving resistance. My ideal client is a recreational athlete who is seeking better results and a more serene approach to the performance. I am also following some professional athletes.

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