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Meaghan Sullivan


Dr. Meaghan Sullivan is a sport and performance psychology specialist and personal coach based in Columbus, Georgia, USA. Having worked on behalf of Division I athletes, as well as the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, she has a wealth of experience educating and training high-level performers on various mental skills that ultimately enhance overall performance readiness and effectiveness.

Dr. Sullivan is also the founder of Master Mind Performance Coaching & Consulting, which offers virtual coaching and consulting services to those looking to maximize the mental side of performance—whether it be in sport, school, work, or life. In addition to training individuals on functional breathing, she also teaches them how to better manage performance anxiety and stress, increase attentional control, regulate intrusive thoughts and emotions, and optimize sleep quality to enhance overall functioning.

With a deep appreciation for the mind-body connection, and, more specifically, for how breathing directly links mental and physical performances, Dr. Sullivan looks forward to working with individuals who are committed to optimizing their breathing, mastering their minds, and maximizing all of life’s performances—one breath at a time.

Dr. Sullivan earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2013 from Butler University, USA, where she also competed as a four-year, Division I student-athlete on the women’s softball team. From there, she completed her graduate studies at the University of Missouri, USA, earning her Master of Education in Career Counseling and Sport Psychology in 2015, followed by her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Sport and Performance Psychology in 2018.