Meg Walker
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom


Hi, I’m Meg!

I help people find connection through movement, meditation and breathwork.

I became a coach because I frequently saw people approaching every day life with either a lack of connection to themselves and/or awareness of their potential. It can be hard to know how to bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be. Many people search for activities that they believe will provide them with a greater connection to others but fail to consider if the activity is best serving them as an individual. This leads to disconnection from the body and a lack of longevity. I’ve found that this is especially the case when it comes to fitness.

I truly believe that if you can learn to better connect with yourself, then this will only strengthen your connection with others. Investing in me, is an investment in yourself because I am going to teach you how to MOVE better, breathe better, EMPOWER yourself and keep moving forward with a GROWTH mindset.

I coach people of all ages and experience on how to optimise their health so they can get the best out of their physical training and daily life. No matter your location, I’m here to help you. I coach people from all over the world in Fitness, Breathwork, Meditation and Mobility through either online 1-1 coaching plans, personalised training plans or through my group training programmes. Please send me a message if you have any further questions. I’m super friendly and I look forward to coaching you 🙂

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