Megan Yeung


  • China



I am a former lawyer turned performance/wellness coach.

I work with groups and individuals wishing to move from a “survival” mode to “thrive” mode by helping them to set goals, recognising obstacles standing in their way of their performance and achieving a balanced and fulfilling life through various coaching methods and also techniques from sports mental coaching with an added emphasis on health and wellness.

Fitness was never part of my vocabulary growing up. My early years have been devoted to the pursuit of education and eventually led me to my legal career. However, the stress and the vicissitudes of life have caught up after some years of practice and I felt off-balance. It was only well into adulthood I took my first step on a hike, which subsequently turned into ultra trail running and I have never looked back. Throughout my time as an ultra trail runner, I have an increased awareness of my health and well-being, as I wished to best support myself to practice the sport I love. 

My journey took a sharp turn when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019 and again in 2021. This experience led me to delve deeper in the pursuit of health and wellness. I have discovered the importance of mastering one’s mind in overcoming life’s challenges. I have undergone training in Oxygen Advantage, sports mental skills/sports psychology, yoga and other modalities throughout this time whilst I was in recovery. Oxygen Advantage is scientifically proven and structured, which can be easily practiced in everyday life. It has helped me to calm my body during stressful times (during chemotherapy and recovery), boost energy levels and improve sleep quality. It is my belief that in order to find our optimal performance, it is important to look inwards and to master one’s mind on top of having a healthy body. The breath is the link between the mind and body. I hope to demonstrate this through living my story and coaching. 

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