Melanie Nightingale


  • France


I give well-being lessons with gentle breath guided movements on the beaches of the beautiful Côte d’Azur in the South of France.

I teach qigong sequences from different eras, including the well-known Baduanjin. I love the combination of history, cycles in nature, and the science behind the Oxygen Advantage techniques.

I openwater swim competetively, and the breathing exercises of the Oxygen Advantage have undoubtedly improved my endurance. I also recently experienced all the delights of the menopause, and definitely found the breathing techniques helped enormously. I would love to show other women the way forward at this challenging time.

I also give original guided meditations, based on our wonderful respiratory system, to clear the mind and learn to live in the Now.

I am excited to share all I have learned, so please get in touch for hopefully lessons in real life here, but I’m happy to give online lessons too if necessary

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