Merryn Aldridge


  • Australia


Merryn is an experienced sports physiotherapist and performance coach, working with clients to help tackle physical obstacles and open their mindset to new health and performance potential. Oxygen Advantage methods have been integrated with huge success into her treatments and corporate programs.

Merryn’s background as a track and field athlete initiated her desire to work in sport and led to her career in physiotherapy with Athletics Australia. She has a wealth of knowledge from over 15 years of treating clients who are all performing at the top of their fields, from Olympic medallists to senior executives and CEOs.

Over the years, growth has come in learning more about the importance of balance, connecting the mind and body, being present and slowing down the breath and this has been integral to her own health. More recently embracing and coaching of the oxygen advantage functional breathing techniques has been transformational in understanding the mind body connection at a deeper level.

Merryn can teach you breath work to help you recover from injury and pain, improve breathing mechanics, improve core efficiency, overcome breathlessness in daily life and sport, and improve running performance.

Based in Sydney, Merryn is in clinic 3 days per week seeing clients.

Merryn also co-founded The Un Earth Program and Un Retreat, both specialising in delivering corporate health and performance, in the form of workshops and a three-day experience to unwind, unlock, and unleash body and mind.

Please reach out to Merryn through her website

Or email, [email protected]

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