Mette Schroder


  • Denmark



My name is Mette and I have been working as a Physiotherapist since 2000. Since 2010 my specialty is working with the brain and nervous system. I am also doing reflexology and acupuncture and teaches functional training.

I have my own clinic Fysio4u in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen, where I do personal one on one sessions.

When you work with the brain and nervous system, the breath is a natural component, that you cannot overlook. The Oxygen Advantage method fits right into my work and it is very adaptable to everyday life. I have a lot of clients with concussions, whiplash, and other head trauma. But I also treat people with different kind of joint problems.

I see myself as a physiotherapist that looks at people as a whole person and not just a person with a knee or elbow problem.

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