Michael Allison
United States of America


  • United States of America


CEO, Smarter Coaching LLC

CEO, Physical Focus Inc.

With professional certificates in training in Positive Neuroplasticity with Rick Hanson, Ph.D., the Safe & Sound Protocol with Stephen Porges, Ph.D., and Oxygen Advantage with Patrick McKeown, Michael’s innovative approach combines the sciences of Polyvagal Theory with Positive Neuroplasticity and Breathwork to make lasting changes to the structure and function of your brain, body and nervous system. www.yoursmartercoach.com

During his more than 25 years of health & performance coaching, Michael holds professional certifications in Personal Training, Medical Exercise and Post Rehab, and in 2017 developed a Behavioral Change Certificated Program recognized by the American Council of Exercise for health & fitness professionals.

Since 1999 Michael has co-owned and operated Physical Focus Inc., a Personal Training & Health Coaching Center, leading an entire team of health & fitness trainers, coaches and instructors servicing the local communities of Santa Barbara and Montecito. www.physicalfocus.com

Michael resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife Jamie and two daughters ages 15 and 19. He is a highly competitive age group tennis player, and leads an active outdoor lifestyle including cycling, hiking and surfing. He has completed several long course triathlons and six marathons including qualifying / completing the Boston Marathon in three consecutive years.

Address: 140 Hot Springs Road, Santa Barbara, California 93108 USA

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