Michael Crush


  • Australia



Michael is a breathing and wellness coach based in Byron Bay and originally hails from the South Island of New Zealand.

He comes from a background in adventure sports and activities such as Skiing, Climbing and has spent most of the last ten years in the Skydiving industry. Forever searching for new ways to help centre both himself and his students, he came across yoga and a few simple breathing techniques and was blown away at the impact it had.

In 2019 he broke both ankles in a skydiving accident were all his breathing and meditation experience came in extremely handy.
“It was on my way to the hospital in the ambulance that I knew what my new purpose was… teaching breathing.”

Michael used his time in recovery to dive deep into the world of breathing where he discovered Patrick’s work and became both an Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko instructor as well as Survival Apnea, Yoga, Yogic Breathwork and Meditation instructor. He’s also an avid Freediver and working his way to becoming a freediving instructor.

He now offers one on one and group/team classes as well as workshops and corporate wellbeing.

“Breathing had changed my life and I find so much fulfilment in guiding others on their journey”.