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Michael Gomez, a Paramedic with nearly 26 year of experience in the field who’s expertise range from urban and rural response, critical care, flight medicine, tactical medicine and more recently, civilian contracting. My career has brought me to so many different areas of instruction from Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Tactical Combat Casualty Care as well as Health and Wellness in the pre-hospital workplace. I am also an NASM certified personal trainer with a particular focus on functional movement and conditioning.

After having suffered a TBI with fractures to my nose and orbital bones, I no longer knew what it was like to breathe normally. I began to suffer from OSA, insomnia, depression, anxiety and PTSD to name of few.. I came to learn of Oxygen Advantage while watching breathing videos on Youtube and I absolutely fell in love with the methods. I began to have hope for a better life knowing that there was a technique out there that would be able to help me improve my breathing and get me to a better state of mind. The changes in my breathing and sleep patterns were almost immediate. 

My hopes are to be able to help other first responders and also other medical professionals who suffer from many of the same things that I suffered from, too. In our environment our breath is not usually the first thing that we think of controlling when faxed with an emergency. I plan to also work with Athletes from any and all types of sports to help improve their breathing and fitness to ensure better recovery and performance. 

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