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Happiness is an emotion that “happens” when something in your external life pleases you; but joy, joy is a skill that is learned, is cultivated, and grows.—Michelle Adams

Michelle is an international teacher and speaker with over two decades of experience in health and wellness coaching. She is an adjunct faculty at Santa Ana College, in the Fire Technology Department; as well as a certified trainer with Heartmath, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and is a yoga therapist specializing in teacher and first responder resilience.

Her knowledge merges eastern wisdom traditions with western science to provide people with the how-to knowledge to dramatically improve their health, well-being, and ultimately their lives and the world around them.

Working with Firefighters all over Southern California and schoolteachers nationally; Michelle realized that the true path to a joy filled life is the balance of the mind, body and breath. If the breath is shallow, the body will be agitated. If the body is agitated, then there goes the mind.

Michelle trains her students to Stop, Observe, Assess, and then Respond (SOAR) in any situation so that they will make decisions with clarity instead of from a reactive state. These tools empower people to access and nurture their deepest intuition. She guides her students to move from chronic, habituated stress… to ease, calm and joy; so that they may show up as the greatest version of themselves.

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