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  • Belgium


Hello, my name is Mieke Bombeke. As a classical singer & nursery school teacher, I have been working with breathing techniques all my life. Being an Oxygen Advantage Instructor, I have made a real click to pass on valuable information in a clear, informed way, based on science.

I work with actors, singers, pianists and instrumentalists who are rehabilitating or who want to improve their training/ podium experience. Reorienting the mind to work together with the body mechanisms instead of controlling them is what it is all about. This is how art & creativity can return to your life in a healthy way.

I also work with children, families and young mothers and give training to teams of pedagogical supervisors.

Are you coming out of a burn-out or are you in a career coaching? Then breathing training is the ideal support for you. Through your breathing you can easily gain more self-confidence to set your goals. And you will gain the extra energy to give your career a new direction.

As a singer, I had many great teachers and I grew from fear of the stage to loving it. Correct breathing was the key to this transformation in my vocal as well as my stage performance.  As a performer I especially love all kinds of creative projects, in special places of unique forms. I see the world as a  stage!

As a teacher, I have experienced different aspects of how growing up can differ from child to child. I have worked with highly intelligent children in collaboration with Prof. Tessa Kieboom UA Antwerp. I have also experience in working with children and teenagers with asperger, HDHD & autism.

Contact me at email below, check out my courses at websites below, or call me through phone listed below.

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