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Breathing is the basics of everything.

In a Japanese anime I watched, they use their special breathing techniques when attacking their enemies.
My trainer advised me to inhale and exhale at particular points during my session.
Use some breathing techniques for pain control when delivering a baby.
Tai-Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Martial arts, Boxing, Weight lifting, Running and more, breathing is the core. However, nobody taught me how to breathe right.
I think breathing has some mysterious powers, then read several books, then I met the Oxygen Advantage® Program.

I am a recreational triathlete. And I tried some breathing exercises from the Oxygen Advantage® program on my running training. Surprisingly, when I finished my first Half marathon, I felt like I could run six more miles. I am the person who was the most surprised about the result because six months ago, I was exhausted after 3 miles run.

I provide Yin yoga-based stretching with breathing techniques as an Oxygen Advantage® instructor in Houston, TX, and Japan. I want to focus on the treatments such as recovery, internal balancing, mindfulness, relaxing (in person and online) at this point.


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