Mikuni Munsayac


  • Philippines


My name is Mikuni Munsayac. I am a professional mixed martial artist, combat sports instructor, fitness coach for online and in person training, with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education and a background teaching Middle School English. I am currently living in the Philippines in Quezon City.

I left my job as a Middle School English teacher in Las Vegas to move to the Philippines and pursue a career as a professional mixed martial artist athlete.

I first discovered the Oxygen Advantage techniques while listening to a podcast about fight science called The Fight Science Podcast hosted by Jordan Sullivan. Jordan and his guest were discussing how elite level martial artists in the UFC like Israel Adesanya, Alex Volkanovski, and Dan Hooker were incorporating Oxygen Advantage breathwork training into their conditioning programs in order to unlock a new level of performance.

Being a fellow martial artist who is also always seeking optimal performance, I went on a deep dive of what the techniques were in The Oxygen Advantage that was giving my favorite UFC fighters an extra advantage. I learned more about these techniques, applied them to my own training, and began to notice an improvement in all areas of my life.

Now that I am a certified Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor, my goal is to use breathwork as the foundation of fitness and health for all of my clients and students to allow ordinary humans to become more optimal human beings.

I am available to work online via Zoom meetings so we can connect anywhere in the world.

I am also available to do in person sessions or seminars for Optimizing Human Performance Through Breathwork.

Whether you are a combat sports athlete looking to maximize sports performance or you are a recreational athlete looking to increase your focus and concentration, I will gladly work with any and all types of people who are genuinely curious to learn about the life changing skill of functional breathing.

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