Mirko Heinze


  • Germany



My first conscious breathing experiences led me into pranayama – yogic breathing – which aims to experience, control and expand the breath for more vitality in life and spiritual liberation.

Once I understood the deep influence our breathing can have on ourselves, I wanted to experience and understand the science behind it. The path led me through holotropic breathing and Wim Hof finally to more science-based and modern teachings, like the Oxygen Advantage.

Today I work as a breathing instructor in different areas, both with health impaired people (long covid, asthma, people with panic attacks & anxiety) with athletes, who share the goal of physical performance enhancement, with corporations to incorporate functional breathing in modern life and with all those interested in Pranayama.

All connections are always fluid and transferable. All theories and teachings have common core statements, many of the exercises are also applicable and helpful across topics. Breathing fascinates me because it is crucial to so many processes in body and mind. And we still know so little about its possibilities, an ocean of life we are just beginning to explore.

I’m happy to be part of the process to spread the word so more people can experience the positive effects of healthy and economical breathing patterns. Let’s get to know ourselves better through breathing and find peace, strength and tranquility in life.

I’m a breathing instructor for Pranayama, Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko. I teach in German and English language, based in Berlin (plus Online-courses).

See my website for more information.

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