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I am a musician, dancer, Pilates trainer and Oxygen Advantage advanced instructor. As a performing artist, I have been training my body and mind for years for better functionality and performance. Strangely enough, breathing was never addressed by any of my previous mentors. And yet, it is the fundament: if breathing is off, then the mind and body are off too, making one more susceptible to stress, but also for developing postural dysfunctions and unhelpful movement patterns. 

In my in-person work in Basel, I am helping performing artists from any field to feel better in their bodies, combining Pilates and Oxygen Advantage. In my experience, a functional recruitment of the diaphragm improves most postural dysfunctions in a sustainable way, which consequently help alleviate troubles such as back or neck pain, and give more freedom of movement.

Another coaching field (in person, online or during workshops) is preparation for better performance. Breathing is safe and effective way to control the level of stress and performance anxiety, bring balance to the nervous system, and so gain more mental clarity, better focus and concentration, more motor control during performance and more flow. 

With other clients, we are working on functional breathing and improving symptoms of respiratory issues (rhinitis, sinusitis, hay fever).

Whether you are a performing artist of any kind and wish to improve your health and performance, or you would simply like to improve your well-being, I would be happy to hear from you! 

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