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Mona Soomro OA Coach- “The INNER WORK.”


Mona Soomro OA Coach- “The INNER WORK.”

As a Wellness Fitness Coach and ICF Certified PCC Life Coach, I value human connection. The OA course has been a turning point for me, as I have learned to support myself and my clients using breathing techniques when the situations are making the mind and body stressed. As a Wellness coach my clients are looking to transform their mind and body and they benefit from using breathing techniques to release tension and achieve greater peace and well-being. 

I give time to recalibrate my mind with meditation everyday and accept people as they are, and I give myself space to be open-minded. This positive mindset attracts good energy for me and allows me to train clients who have the hunger to transform their lives. I teach them to realize that your time throughout the day should have the ingredients of effort, commitment, discipline, perseverance and accountability to work on transformational change. By having conversations with clients I see opportunities and I make them notice their own progress. My mantra is to live your life by creating more energy in your whole body by using your breath as the most powerful tool. You are coming home to feel all five senses. I work with clients who need a good listening ear free of judgment. By genuinely empathizing with my clients, I prepare them on a journey of self-realization and invite them to notice their own strength from their tool box. It is important to connect to your breath so the mind and body comes in sync with the breath to stay calm and make good choices.

I love working with all age groups as I feel it’s important to reach out to people who are stuck in their head and they want to change something within. Empowering people with love and kind words is what I practice during my sessions. From my sessions, clients build courage, confidence, dedication , commitment, discipline to take care of their body, mind and breath. I am a  certified Spinning-SpinPower Instructor, Certified Yoga teacher, Peak Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor, Antigravity Coach, Personal Trainer, and a 4D Pro-Bungee Coach. I work as a freelance Coach in Riyadh. I integrate OA Breathing techniques in all the sessions. I offer online training as well. 

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