Monika Walas
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From early childhood Monika was involved in sport and competition. It was only natural for her to learn further about sport performance and the human body. In 2000 Monika was awarded with Master Degree in physical education and moved from her native Poland to London U.K. Although life steered her towards a different carrier she never stopped exploring and learning further about human potential. She linked her passion for human anatomy and wellbeing once she became a sport clinical and remedial therapist. 

However, it wasn’t until 2018 when her own experience with breathing and exposure to cold started impacting her life in an unexpected manner. Monika understood that all the education about human body and its performance cannot be completed without understanding of the power that breath holds in our lives. 

Once we make the connection between breath and all aspects of our being we will be able to achieve anything that we will set our minds to. Today Monika is continuing to learn more about breath and also teaches others how to use their own breath to enhance their physical, mental & emotional well-being. 

Her students also learn how to regulate their nervous system and emotions, and access flow states at will.
Monika teaches in English and Polish (1:1 and virtually).

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