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Hello! My name is Monique and I’m a certified Advanced Instructor of the Oxygen Advantage® Program, RYT200, and Isha Meditator. I am very pleased to bring effective breath training to everyday people – not just elite athletes or military special forces. Breath is powerful and my approach is both gentle and practical – perfect for those just starting to explore its potential to improve their overall health.

I have a unique perspective of the corporate world, its pain points, and what is needed to help the body heal from the daily rigors of being at a desk all day. After 20+ years as a studio designer/art director, I faced health challenges from corporate stress. Taking charge of my well-being, I assembled a team of medical and wellness experts, exploring various modalities. Breathing emerged as a powerful tool, becoming central to my healing journey. Friends and family sought my advice, prompting me to delve deeper into the transformative potential of breath. Now, I’ve built a career around it.

In this new version of myself, I am passionately committed to teaching people how their body can be their ally not their burden. So, this is what I do now: I teach people how to breathe more efficiently as the foundational pillar to their overall wellbeing.

Personally, I am based in Metro Detroit and currently offer in-person and online trainings via Zoom. I also lead corporate workshops, teach local community classes and provide corporate assets such as a 5-minute breathing exercise for conference presentations.

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