Mysan Sidbo


  • Australia


Mysan Sidbo is a well-known anatomist, functional movement and breathing coach, yoga teacher and a lecturer in functional anatomy and range of motion.

Mysan facilitates training and courses in functional anatomy, movement, breath, rehabilitation and yoga, both internationally and online. She teaches functional Yin and Hatha yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Born in Sweden, she now calls MacMasters Beach in Australia home.

She is extremely passionate about her work and aims to empower her clients to become balanced and vibrant, whether they have a specific injury or dis-ease or simply want to improve their lifestyle to encompass more focus, health, and happiness.

The knowledge and practice of functional yoga and training, together with breath work that Mysan provides, has a great success rate in reversing bulging and herniated disks, back issues, musculoskeletal issues as well as trauma related issues.

Yin yoga in combination with breath work is especially potent for these balancing and healing sessions. For online yoga classes please visit

Mysan works with students and clients one on one in mentoring and rehabilitation sessions. These sessions are tailored to the individual to meet their needs and work on the areas that they need to balance.

She also teaches group classes and trainings.

Reach out for more information, to book a session online or face to face via and find her on Instagram @mysanyoga or email on [email protected]

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