Nadine Shaw


  • Australia


I’ve been working in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer for the last 17 years and have more recently become a Healthy Habits Coach and have a membership called CREATE Health & Lifestyle.

I have previously competed as an individual and as part of a team at The CrossFit Games in 2009, 2010, 2011 and, although I no longer compete, I still follow CrossFit training methodology.

I have found Functional Breathing to be a powerful tool both for my CrossFit training, as well as to manage stress and improve focus in my every day life.

I currently work with clients face to face and online.  I have both Personal Training clients who are focused on fitness, health and performance, as well as a coaching membership which is focused on healthy habits and overall lifestyle improvements.

I generally work with women aged 40+ who want to maintain good health whilst navigating work & family commitments.

My Instagram handle is create_healthandlifestyle

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