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Nat is a Soft Tissue & Movement Rehab Therapist who helps her clients to unravel their unique pain puzzle and unlock the potential in their body, using a nervous system approach.

With a background in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy she fell down the ‘neuro rabbit hole’ 12 years ago, searching for faster, whole system techniques to help her clients move beyond pain. Nat’s unique approach utilises nervous system focused assessments to rapidly detect protective mechanisms and faulty inputs in the system, improving movement patterns, performance and decreasing pain.

She specialises in decoding chronic pain, scar and surgery rehab, and pelvic health, blending functional neurology, primitive reflexes, breathwork, gait analysis, integrated movement repatterning and energy work, to help her clients restore healthy movement.

Nat has always incorporated breathing mechanics into her work, but it was her own personal breathing biochemistry struggles that unlocked its true potential. Years of chronic mouth breathing, caused by a combination of childhood thumb sucking, dental braces, a nasty nose injury, and a kayak incident, had left her with dysfunctional breathing patterns. This manifested as shortness of breath, brain fog, lack of energy and a persistent feeling of being in a heightened state of fight or flight. Even basic exercise became a struggle.

Seeking solutions for these issues, she stumbled upon Patrick McKeown’s work. It was transformational! Learning the scientific underpinnings of how breathing affects the body inspired her to become a certified Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor. This newfound knowledge allows her to integrate the benefits of breathwork into her client sessions, helping them overcome sleep problems, anxiety, headaches, back and neck pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and pain and movement issues.

Nat is available for in person 1:1 clinic work and group workshops in West Sussex and also works online by Zoom.

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