Nate Leazer
United States of America


  • United States of America



Hey, I’m Nate. I’m a competitive freediver and instructor, I own and run Blue Alchemy Freediving based out of Northern Virginia. My training has led me down a path to optimize the breath, both for performance and for health.

As the name Blue Alchemy would imply, we aim to help people discover personal transformation. We have found freediving and breathwork changes its practitioners over time. We strive to challenge individuals to encourage personal growth and aim to help individuals find the tools to their potential. We at Blue Alchemy believe one thing resonates with all those who take that long breath and dive into the deep. “We are searching for something.” With every dive we are growing, learning, and racing for that inner and outer perfection that can only be found where the intrepid dare to look.

 As I mentioned, I am based in Norther Virginia, and can work with clients both in person and online. I’m looking to assist anyone who desires to do better!

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