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Nate Thomas is a yoga teacher, breathwork coach and founder of The Breathing Collective. After feeling the incredible effects of improving his breathing on a personal level, he is passionate to share it with you. As a yoga teacher, he was drawn to pranayama and consequently completed his training to become an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Coach. As he expands his knowledge of breathwork, he is continually convinced that both conscious breathwork and functional (unconscious) breathwork is the key to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

As someone who considers himself an ‘average joe’, Nate strives to make his session accessible to all as he believes the benefits of breathwork coaching can, and will, be felt by anyone who starts the journey of exploration. Whether you’re interested in reducing anxiety and stress, seeing gains in your fitness or an elite athlete looking for another 1%, Nate is ready to teach, coach and guide you through the process. One of Nate’s key focus points is finding a way that breathwork practices can fit into your routine without causing disruption to your daily life.

Sessions are available online or face-to-face in the Hertfordshire/London area, England, UK.

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