Nicholas Del Bianco


  • Canada


My name is Nick Del Bianco and I am a Health and Human Performance Coach. My passion lies in coaching athletes on how to become more resilient because I believe resiliency is the unsung hero of championship winning performances. Most athletes and teams are fall victim to predictable physical, mental, and emotional barriers each season – and it doesn’t need to be this way. I know this to be true through years of training athletes but also through my own career as a collegiate, national team and professional volleyball athlete. I attribute the success and longevity I was able to have in my career to taking care of the intangibles that allowed me to stay healthy, motivated, energized and relatively injury free.

I now coach athletes how to master these intangibles of eating, sleeping, recovering, moving, and breathing better so they can stay healthy and performing at their highest level consistently. I integrate the Oxygen Advantage techniques into training sessions, as part of mindfulness or meditation sessions, and as a practice to better their sleep and recovery. I coach both in-person in Edmonton Alberta, Canada and virtually to the rest of the world through a company I co-founded called Athlete Wellness Academy.

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