Nicholas Fisher


  • Australia


Nick is a yoga teacher based in Melbourne, Australia originally from Chicago. His journey began after experiencing debilitating back pain from a career in corporate accounting and audit, which led him to clinical pilates, yoga, and meditation to deal with the pain and suffering.

With over 1000 hours of professional training, he teaches a broad set of modalities from creative vinyasa flow and inversions to Yin and Avita (trauma-informed) yoga. Coming from a background in Buddhist meditation, Nick has a peaceful energy and keeps physical practices steeped in practical philosophy and a grounded presence.

Breathwork is a foundational practice not just for meditation and movement, but for a richer experience of the world. Whether it’s dealing with stress, improving focus, or going deep into meditation, there’s a breathing approach for every person and every event. Nick teaches both individual and group/corporate classes on breathwork. You can find him at some of the best yoga studios in Melbourne including Warrior One, Happy Melon, Good Vibes, Radiant Sol, and Body Flow. Additionally, he has regular weekly online practices available for both breathwork and restorative yoga.

If you or someone you know has breathing issues or are working through pain and movement restrictions (post-surgery, chronic illness, etc.), reach out for a consultation.

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