Nicholas Fox
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  • United States of America


Initially, the Wim Hof Method (WHM) opened me up to the world of breathwork. I became a certified WHM instructor and currently conduct workshops around the midwest on Breathwork, Deliberate Cold Exposure, and Mindfulness. Now I have added Oxygen Advantage Training to my toolbelt and help clients with Functional Breathing, CO2 Tolerance, and much more. I hold workshops in and around Minneapolis, and am willing to travel for private workshops and clients. Please email me to set up a workshop or private consultation. You can also contact me on social media or check out my Wim Hof Instructor page to find events. Below is a little bit
more about me.

I have taught Philosophy, History, and Art at both the high school and college level for ten years. I am an Airborne Ranger Army officer and I spend my summers training cadets at the Military Academy out in West Point, NY. When I’m not playing Army, I’m reading short stories and playing with my young kids. Teaching people deep conscious breathing is my new adventure, and I look forward to helping you explore your inner strengths.

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