Nicholas Mendoza-Jones


  • Australia


Based in Bondi, Nic runs one of Australia’s leading strength and functional training studios, AGOGA. Having worked in corporate law for 10 years, Nic made the switch to the health and fitness industry, and today works with clients ranging from ironmen athletes and spearfishers, to corporate groups and weekend warriors.

Having experienced the physical and mental benefits of integrating Oxygen Advantage® breathwork into his own everyday life and training, Nic now teaches this proven breathing method to not only meet (and exceed!) clients’ fitness goals, but to also optimise their overall health, lifestyle and mindset.

By sharing the ancient wisdom and modern science that inform the practical applications of the Oxygen Advantage® methodology, Nic’s primary focus for his clients is to restore functional breathing, improve sleep and mindfulness, enhance productivity and assist stress management. These benefits can then be complemented with Nic’s advanced breathwork training to support elite sports and fitness performance.

Nic is a lululemon Ambassador and holds a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy Major) UNSW, in addition to multiple strength and conditioning qualifications including StrongFirst SFG1; Rik Brown Steel Mace Certification; Certificate III and IV in Fitness from the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers; Level 2 Certified AIK Kettlebell Instructor; and certified BLACKROLL trainer.

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