Nick Hair
United States of America


  • United States of America


Bachelor Degree: Computer Science

A former collegiate baseball player turned powerlifter / classic bodybuilding enthusiast who always struggled with breathlessness.

I stumbled upon OA through a FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) Master Instructor’s reading list, and integrated it into my training immediately after reading it. In a short amount of time, I was having easier lifts and noticing that I could hold poses much longer during my training. Out of training, my sleep and recovery were also boosted. After seeing the results in my training, I knew that I wanted to teach my peers to have the same successes that I did with implementing the method into my training.

I am Certified in FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) which focuses on joint health and longevity. I am hoping to help people restore proper joint and breathing function to give them the opportunity to enjoy whatever their own passion is without having joint pain or breathlessness. I know how much more enjoyable training is without pain and breathlessness and I would like to help others achieve the same result.

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