Niclas Wisén


  • Sweden



Hi I’m Niclas Wisén I’m an Army officer (Captain) and lic. Psychologist. Currently I do research on stress and performance in military situations (deployment and training) at Karolinska Institute KI. I have competed on amateur level of powerlifting and have studied strength training at GIH (The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences) and powerlifting at the ELEIKO academy.

In my current position at KI I do some anatomy teaching, among other things that includes SA systematic anatomy, were the respiratory system is one of the components. That has given me a solid ground to relate breath training to.

As a psychologist the use if breathing exercises to manage anxiety and stress is a well-known and effective part of treatment. However, Oxygen Advantage offers in my opinion a set of exercises that better suits the non-clinical population.

I am applying a holistic approach in my work and I see the importance of identifying the variety of factors that influence our wellbeing. Posture, nutrition, digital habits, and breathing etc. are all important parts, and they are all interlaced.

You can contact me for stress management, performance optimizing, and organizational psychology all containing components relation to breathing and Oxygen Advantage.

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