Nicola Magilton


  • Scotland



My name is Nicola and I’m a certified Buteyko Instructor and a Holistic Therapist specialising in Reflexology and other healing modalities based in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. I’ve been very aware of my own health and well being over the last decade and have explored a variety of methods to make sure that I am in the best optimal health. Whilst cold water therapy is a favourite of mine, along with being out in nature, I came to realise that breath work is key to a healthy body and mind. My breath was poor and had been for a while until I came across the Buteyko Method initially before learning the Oxygen Advantage breath work too. Both have helped me massively with changing hormones which then affects my physical, mental and emotional health. For me this breath work is a game changer.

I have witnessed first hand the changes these methods can bring to people’s lives, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of working and assisting more people to change theirs. I would love to support women that are navigating their way through anxiety and mental health issues that come with changing hormones and menopause, but I am also available to work with prospective clients of all ages that want to improve poor breathing habits to gain the full benefit of optimal breathing.

I am able to offer breath sessions online or in person within my own private studio. I also offer group sessions.

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