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Nicole Carpenter lives in Shelburne, VT and is a Certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor and a Yoga Alliance approved certified Yoga Instructor.  After 25 years, with wellness and yoga as a hobby, Nicole retired from working as an engineer to focus her energy on breath and wellness.

From a young age, Nicole has loved to move the body and get outside.  As an avid hiker, runner, gardener, community member, and problem solver she demands much from her body and wants to feel good mentally and physically.  Throughout the last 20 years as Nicole suffered from several autoimmune conditions, she realized she needed to better understand her own body to support her health.    Nicole feels and sleeps best when doing regular breathwork, yoga, and cardiovascular activity.

Our breath is an incredible tool, allowing us to access our body and to increase connections between our mind and body.  The breath can calm us down, energize us, improve our sleep, increase our athletic performance, increase awareness of our body, and enhance our focus.  Nicole became a Certified Oxygen Advantage Instructor and a Pranayama Yoga Instructor to share this knowledge with others.  Nicole works with individuals wanting to explore their breathing and gain some tools to feel better.

Nicole offers private sessions, group classes, and workshops.  She works virtually or in-person.

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