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Hi! I’m Nicole Kodjoe. I live in Southeast, Texas and I have 2 children. I am an Advanced Oxygen Advantage® Instructor, certified YOGABODY® Breath Coach, Yoga Alliance® certified yoga teacher, certified Professional Life Coach and co-founder of the family health & wellness app, KOFIT®. I’ve been practicing yoga and pranayama (breath control techniques) for nearly 20 years and I am currently a full-time breath coach.

My desire is to serve others by empowering them to access self-healing techniques through movement and breath practices both on and off the mat. I train top athletes and sports teams in performance breathwork as well as coaching clients on using the power of breathwork to reduce stress, improve focus, find balance, access flow and improve sleep.

Because functional movement and functional breathing are so intimately intertwined, I incorporate breathwork into my yoga classes and I apply many of the principles, practices and techniques I learned through the Oxygen Advantage® training to help propel athletes to the next level of their sports performance. The Breathe Light method and the simulation of high altitude training protocol are two of the elements which have been game-changers for my clients. Learning to challenge the body and retrain the brain through breathwork is a uniquely powerful and largely untapped tool that can offer quick and lasting results.

“Breathwork is truly the key to unlocking our highest potential. It is our biggest gift hiding in plain sight. It allows us to connect to a deeper part of ourselves, which, once accessed, can open the door to endless possibilities regarding our overall mental and physical health and wellbeing.”

Want to know more? Get in touch and let’s talk about breath!

Location: Houston, TX/Worldwide

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