Nigel Beach
New Zealand


  • New Zealand

Nigel has been helping people in health and performance for over 2 decades. A physiotherapist, he sees people in New Zealand and around the world who are elite performers, have complex problems, and those who have failed common treatment approaches.

He has educated thousands of people in the role of the mind and body as a limiting factor in our happiness and health. He delivers effective strategies and next-level reconditioning programs, in-person and app based, that help us go beyond what we think we are capable of.
As a consultant to corporations Nigel implements programs to enhance health, mood, creativity, positivity and productivity in the workplace.

Nigel also consults with top athletes and teams. He has been a performance consultant to the NRL, the All Blacks, the Wallabies, Motorsport, and Super Rugby. He also has been the trusted health consultant to some of Hollywood’s biggest names in a 1-on-1 capacity.

He consults with people with a wide range of conditions including pain, auto-immune conditions, anxiety, mental health issues, asthma, breathing disorders, stress, and those seeking elite sports performance.

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