Norihiro Hijikata


  • Japan



Hello, I am Norihiro, a Japanese living in Tokyo.

I used to be a professional football player. Since retiring, I have experienced many different sports while coaching football.

After a serious illness a few years ago, I started to look at my body and health again. I researched mitochondria, the source of energy for cells, and came across breathing exercises.
I discovered many top athletes who looked to Brian McKenzie and Wim Hoff as mentors, and this is how I discovered the Oxygen Advantage.

Breathing is the only function that can be controlled, not only for athletes but also for modern people.
Controlling your breathing leads to controlling yourself, and to live powerfully in today’s rapidly changing society, you need to install breathing and update your body and mind.

Today, as the owner of the Wellness House Cellula complex in Tokyo, I advocate life-cycle updates for both men and women, from the general public to athletes.

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