Oli Fitzer
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom



Oli is a Personal Trainer at Third Space London based in Central London and newly qualified Oxygen Advantage Breathing Coach.

He continued his learning throughout the CrossFit community and followed his interests into strength and conditioning. His own work evolves around strategic programming with heart rate specific conditioning work. Now driven with a new gear taking the oxygen advantage techniques to excel his own performance.

Oli has found such a benefit not in just his cardiovascular fitness but in his everyday calmness with control of a much slower breath throughout the day. Which has also transformed the quality of his sleep, which will all know has a huge impact not just with physical performance but general function throughout the day.

He wants to be able to help others find awareness in breathing which can transcend not only into physical performance but to reap the benefits that breathing can bring to ones everyday life.

Please contact me through email if you have any questions regarding breathing protocols. Always happy to help in any way.

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