Oliver Wilfling
Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland


  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland

My name is Wilfling Oliver and I have been involved in sports since I was a child. I am a person who enjoys working with people and supports them constructively and creatively. Movement is an important part of my life. Not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally and socially – culturally. My constant urge to develop further distinguishes me.

My well-founded and practical knowledge as an athlete and trainer, which I have applied over many years, can give you a new attitude towards life and be the necessary puzzle on your way to success, whether you are an active professional athlete or a fitness beginner. 

About FUNCTIONAL BREATHING and Performance 

Functional breathing is one of the most important pillars of health. In fact, the breath is the first and most fundamental autonomic function affecting mind, body and personal potential.
Oxygen Advantage® Method training and techniques can give you the tools to:

  • optimize performance
  • Promotes better sleep and a better quality of life
  • Increase your energy and concentration and reduce stress
  • Prevention of many common health ailments

I teach and live in Austria and teach in Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria.

I speak German, Portuguese, and English.

Do not hesitate and contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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