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Hi, my name is Patricia Martin, a mother of 6 adult children. I began my wellness business in February 2022 after supporting individuals in the community as a Social Prescriber. Social prescribing played a key support service to many individuals during the pandemic which particularly impacted those suffering isolation and poor mental health. Breathwork makes a positive impact to these individuals.

My passion for nutrition and wellbeing is rooted in my 20 year journey recovering from ME/Chronic Fatigue. Combining 20+ years’ experience in nutrition, meditation, tai chi, and breathwork, I support individuals on their wellness journey on a one-to-one basis or group led discussions. As a diagnosed coeliac, I am very aware of the impact of dietary management for autoimmune disease. This led me to study and achieve an accredited diploma in nutrition.

I believe profoundly in the “body heal thyself” mantra. It is to this end that I am a fervent explorer into the world of meditation practices, updating my knowledge about gut health and neurobiology and the role both areas play in supporting mental health. (Currently studying for a diploma in physiology and anatomy). I keep up to date with leading experts across many areas of wellbeing particularly breathwork and its functionality for physical and mental wellbeing. I have used breathwork for many years and recently formalized my learning by passing the Oxygen Advantage Buteyko Functional Breathing Instructor’s course. I use breathwork to support clients across age and genders, with very positive results.  The benefits of functional breathing cannot be underestimated as it has a profound positive impact on sleep, metabolism, focus, anxiety, asthma related conditions and so much more. I am very excited to bring this to my working practice.

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