Patrick Frimpong


  • Netherlands

Hi! My name is Patrick Frimpong, I’m a mental coach and a former professional basketball player. When I was a kid I always wanted to become a professional footballer. But after a few years I got discouraged and I thought that it would never be possible to become a professional athlete.

A couple of years went by and I got a growth spurt and when I was 17 I knew this is maybe my last chance to make it as professional athlete. Why not try it as a basketballer? So within a few years I played at the highest division in Holland but then I discovered that I got nervous playing against better, stronger or more athletic players. What could I do to cope with the nervousness and anxiety? 

My girlfriend told me to read about mindset and a whole world opened up for me. I learned that just like you can train the physical body you can train you mindset. I later wanted to share my experience with other professional athletes and became a mental coach.

By then I also started learning more about the importance of breathing. I always knew the breath was important because of my asthma. Towards the end of my playing career, I started hearing more about Patrick McKeown and the Oxygen Advantage. I started trying it for myself and saw the results. That is why I also wanted to incorporate it into my coaching sessions with professional athletes.

I’m based in the Netherlands and I work with professional athletes from the Netherlands that compete nationally and internationally. I coach live, 1-on-1 and online. 

Patrick Frimpong – Mental Coach – Former Professional Athlete

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