Paul Elderkin


  • Australia


Hi, I’m Paul, founder of Expansive Breath. I’m a certified Functional Breath Coach implementing the Oxygen Advantage technique and a Breathwork Instructor committed to guiding individuals towards optimal physical, mental, and emotional performance through the power of breath.

I facilitate online and in-person sessions, and live in Melbourne, Australia. My 1-1 online sessions ensure that breathwork is accessible and attainable for others to move beyond stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs that impact overall well-being and happiness.

My journey is one of profound transformation, rooted in personal adversity and fueled by resilience. Following the devastating loss of my partner to suicide in 2019, I embarked on an inward journey that ultimately led me to discover the healing potential of breathwork. It became not only a tool for my own recovery from PTSD, anxiety, and depression but also my life’s purpose.

A former professional basketball player turned Agile Coach in Software Engineering, I hold a Sport & Health Sciences Degree and a Masters in Management. My diverse background enriches my approach to breathwork, allowing me to integrate principles of athleticism, resilience, and holistic wellness into my practice.

Driven by a genuine passion for transformation and healing, I am committed to sharing the profound benefits of breathwork with others. Whether guiding individuals through functional breath techniques, which I believe is the cornerstone to optimising your daily breath with a variety of physiological and psychological benefits, or facilitating transformative journeys towards emotional release and trauma resolution, I am dedicated to empowering others to transcend stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs for greater well-being and fulfilment.

Certified as a Functional Breath Coach by Oxygen Advantage, a Breathwork Instructor by Yogalap, and an Embodied Processing Practitioner by The Centre for Healing, I am honoured to walk alongside others on their paths to self-discovery, healing, growth, and expansive breath.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Session Types: 1-1 online, 1-1 in person, group
Countries: Global Online
Cities: Global Online

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