Paul McNairney


  • Scotland


My name is Paul, I’m based in the west of Scotland in North Lanarkshire.

I have just passed the Oxygen Advantage instructor course and the Buteyko Clinic Instructor training course after stumbling across Patrick McKeown’s breathing techniques while looking at methods of stress control. I was introduced to these alternative methods while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Living in high levels of stress for the past 20 years due to childhood trauma had a massive impact to my health and after 2 years of investigation I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was in agony every day and my mental state at rock bottom.

Since practicing nasal breathing as well as pranayama breathwork, the WHM, cold water exposure, meditation and different forms of yoga, I have drastically changed my physical, mental and spiritual health and helped me on the path of sobriety.

I am very passionate about using these techniques to help others as i have seen first-hand how beneficial they are to every day physical and mental health.

I would love to support people with addictions, mental health issues and past traumas as well as helping people to improve health and physical performance.
In the near feature I plan on expanding my skills and qualifications to widen my knowledge.

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