Paul Teixeira
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  • United States of America


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, I suffered from severe asthma as a young child and swimming was recommended by our family Dr. as a way to help regulate and improve my breathing.

This evolved into a career in competitive swimming, which allowed me enough financial assistance to attend a NCAA division I university in the United states where I competed at both a national and international level and completed an education as a physical therapist. I relocated to the central coast of California following graduation to pursue my career and reconnect with my passion for surfing.

Many paths have lead me to the Oxygen Advantage, including; experiences with asthma, having a history of panic attacks and ER visit due to hyperventilation syndrome, doing yoga, educating myself on Buteyko breathing, doing the Wim Hof method, experiencing holotropic breath work, getting my certification in the McGill method for treating lower back pain, and my love of surfing and observing the preparation strategies for surfing large waves.

As a physical therapist I specialize in treating clients with lower back pain, neck, hip, knee and shoulder pain as well as having a certification in working with aging adults from the American Physical Therapy Assoc.

I am convinced of the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing and the autonomic and biochemical benefits of the OA method.

I enjoy spending time with his family, hiking, camping, swimming and surfing. I am passionate about good food and educating himself on health-related issues.

I practice in San Luis Obispo, California, and enjoy working with clients of all ages who want to improve their health, optimize their performance and reduce their risk for injuries. I can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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