Paul van den Berg


  • Netherlands



Hello! My name is Paul van den Berg and I live in Castricum in the Netherlands. Besides working as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor, I work in IT.

In 2017 I entered a personal development program called ‘365 Dagen Succesvol’ and I have done that for 4 years and was a coach at the program for 1 year. It contained a lot of different ways to improve your life. Breathwork was one of them and is the one that made the most impact on me. I started looking for breathwork classes outside of the program. Like Wim Hof, Holotropic Breathing, Transformative Breathing etc. I knew I wanted to do something with it because it helped me so much. Then I read the book Breath by James Nestor, found out about Oxygen Advantage and I found what I needed to do!

At this moment I give workshops at gyms and I cooperate with a physical therapist. If people want more after the workshops, I will continue working with them. This can be individually but also in groups. The physical therapist introduces me to his clients when he can’t fully help them. For instance clients who experience hyperventilation or suffer from COPD.

I love Oxygen Advantage because it benefits everyone. I love helping people to breathe functionally correct and improve their health and sports performance in a mayor way.

I take clients in person in the Castricum area. My workshops can be anywhere in the Netherlands.

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