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Pavol Grman


I was a professional football player for a couple of years. After the injury of my knee, I have started to learn how to recover better, effectively. During the time, I have become an instructor of Wim Hof method and together with my brother – physical therapist, we have started to teach sportsmen how to recover faster. It was okay, but still, something was missing.

After that, I understood, that I do not know a lot about breathing. I was seeking for more and I have found Oxygen Advantage. Immediately, I have started to try it in my training. It was very interesting and then I have decided to study this system and also become an instructor. Nowadays, we can teach with my brother very good combination of these methods. Oxygen Advantage is just amazing. I love it.

I also like to share this knowledge in our workshop and seminars. Together with my brother, we cooperate with many professional sportsmen, active people and also with every person who understood, that breathing is not just breathing. It is more than one can imagine.

We show to people, sportsmen, how they can reach their full potential of breathing, moving and recovering more effectively.

I am teaching in Slovakia & Greece /Europe.