Pedro Contesini


  • Brazil



After going through a serious depression 17 years ago, in the final of my adolescence, during which I also had severe panic attacks, I started practicing yoga and meditation and became a hatha Yoga instructor in the school of Ananda Marga.

3 years ago, for family and professional reasons, I lost the yoga, meditation and exercises routine I was used to and had a period of intense stress and insomnia.

I immediately knew I had to return to my wellness routine, so I started an intense effort for recovering my routine and also started to study other topics that could help me during this difficult period, what led me to find different breathwork methodologies and Oxygen Advantage was the one I found to be the most complete and scientific one, so I decided to become a Breathwork practitioner and instructor.

My goal is to help people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, stress and depression to relieve and overcome their negative symptoms, to help different sport practitioners to improve their practices, and to help spread the word of the benefits of functional breath for both physical and mental health.

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