Peter Glueckstadt


  • Germany



My lifelong interest and passion in different subjects related to health led me to my first yoga class in 2002. I fell immediately in love with the practice, as I felt it to be both powerful and sustainable.

In my desire to learn more I attended many workshops and retreats and studied with well-known teachers, mostly of Ashtanga yoga.

In 2006 I met Danny Paradise who had practiced and taught yoga for almost 30 years back then. Through him I had my first introduction into pranayama. His interpretation of yoga became the major inspiration for my own practice, and since then I continue to study with him every year.

During the following years I practiced different physical activities like partner acrobatics, kettlebell sport, swimming and always enjoyed a good winter bath. But yoga always remained my main practice and my priority.

In 2016 I wished to learn more about kettlebell sport (especially about the discipline of Long Cycle), started to work with a coach and to participate in competitions. The mental and physical demands of kettlebell sport give a very interesting experience, and approach and goals are highly different from yoga. Yet I do not have the feeling that they contradict each other.

The Oxygen Advantage® method which I learned about in 2019 has a very beneficial influence on my pranayama practice as well as on kettlebell sport. In pranayama, it improved my understanding of the many physiological processes and sensations to be felt during practice. In kettlebell sport, it practically improved my breathing efficiency and my cardiovascular capacity.

I teach yoga and pranayama backed up by the Oxygen Advantage® method to groups and individuals (also online). And I also support athletes who wish to incorporate the Oxygen Advantage® method into their given training regime.

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