Peter Magdlener Frassinetti
Brazil, Peru


  • Brazil
  • Peru

I am Peter Magdlener Frassinetti specialized in blending and teaching Conscious Breathing, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness and Plant Medicines altogether to provide a whole, rapid, powerful and practical healing experience.  

I am originally from and work in the Amazon basin and Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru; my background is Austrian and Italian, yet I was born in Lima where I currently reside. I spend half the year in Peru and the other half in Brazil. I have lived in over 40 countries around the world and seen just about every healing practice.

My unique healing blend highlighted by Ayahuasca with Conscious Breathing has helped many people heal from the deepest of emotional, mental and physical health needs. Ayahuasca in, from and with the right people is definitely the powerhouse of my offering, yet with proper breathing as learned in Oxygen Advantage definitely provides an even more powerful healing experience.

I came to Oxygen Advantage to seek certification in a complete and wholesome breathing program. OA provided just that. I love to help people and used my already mentioned method to heal myself from the deepest of traumas that I was carrying for over 30 years. I definitely attest that even after having done 20 Ayahuasca and all the available treatments in the world, if not for good proper breathing techniques, then I would not have healed.

OA and proper breathing are key to moving past traumas. I would love to welcome you to Peru or Brazil or wherever we can meet so that we can start helping you on your healing journey. Or I am also on call to come see you wherever you are around the world.

Practical, fast and powerful healing is my specialty! Contact me and let’s rebirth you to an amazing life and Human BEing! Let’s Get You MagXnified!

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