Philip Harris
United Kingdom


  • United Kingdom
Philip Harris is an Experienced Chartered Physiotherapist with a wealth of expertise spanning 25 years, marked by a commitment to excellence in the realm of Muscular Skeletal conditions.

Specializing in prehabilitation and rehabilitation for both elite sportspeople and sports enthusiasts, Philip has carved a niche for himself in optimizing human performance. His keen understanding of the intricacies of the musculoskeletal system allows him to tailor rehabilitation programs that not only address existing conditions but also prevent potential issues.

A recent and proud addition to Philip’s repertoire is his role as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor. With an eye on holistic well-being, he recognizes the transformative power of breathwork in enhancing physical and mental resilience. Philip is dedicated to integrating his extensive experience with the principles of Oxygen Advantage to provide a comprehensive approach to health and performance, recreational and elite.

In a world where optimal breathing is often overlooked, Philip is on a mission to enlighten individuals about the profound benefits of breathwork. His commitment to Oxygen Advantage stems from his own experiences as a dysfunctional breather due to Asthma and reflects his belief in its potential to elevate not only athletic performance but also overall health and vitality.

Philip invites you to explore the compelling reasons behind his embrace of Oxygen Advantage and why breathwork is an invaluable component of a holistic approach to well-being.

In a society where well-rounded health strategies are increasingly valued, Philip Harris stands at the forefront, weaving together his extensive background in physiotherapy with the transformative power of Oxygen Advantage.

Embrace the opportunity to unlock your full potential with Philip’s unique blend of knowledge, experience, and a profound understanding of the significance of breath in optimizing human performance in life, in schools, on the sports field and in the Corporate environment.

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