Philipp Sharma


  • Austria



Servus! My name is Philipp Sharma and I am a Breathwork-Enthusiast, Coach and Trainer as well as a Yin Yoga Teacher. I was born and raised in Vienna/ Austria, where I am also located, and have indian heritage.

After 15 years in industrial electronics sales and many years of experience in competitive golf-sport, I decided to dive deeper into mental-coaching, which helped me along my way in business and sports to handle stress and anxiety while peak performing.

In the work with groups and individuals I love to use the tools of Oxygen Advantage and the Buteyko-Method, which has to be proven tremendously effective and helpful. I also work with Pranayama techniques and Active Consciousness Breathwork for emotional-spiritual release.

My clients include people dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as top-athletes and managers who seek for more focus and flow-state.

I teach in Austria, Vienna and Online. I teach mainly in German Language. For business-context I also give Workshops in English.

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